Auto Glass Repair Issaquah WAIf you want the ultimate in clarity for your windshield, have our mobile auto glass repair unit treat your vehicle with a water repelling formula that helps improve clarity, even at night. We proudly use Aquapel Glass Treatment, an innovative formula that provides drivers with clearer, streak-free windows in wet driving conditions.

You’ll notice the difference Aquapel makes right away! Check out some of the benefits:

  • Rain beads up and rolls right off the windshield without blurring vision
  • Fewer streaks and smears when you use your wipers
  • Reduces the glare of rain–even at night–making driving in the rain safer
  • Ice and snow are easier to remove from your glass
  • Helps keep dirt and bugs off of your windows so they stay clean and clear

Aquapel will last for several months on your auto glass under normal driving conditions, and we can quickly reapply the treatment when necessary. Once you’ve tried Aquapel, you’ll wonder how you did without it. If you’d like to have this treatment for your vehicles, give us a call! We’ll arrange a time for our mobile unit to come to you to perform the necessary treatments. We can combine this service with any of our other services, too, including windshield repair, wiper installation, and more. Get in touch with our trustworthy, professional team and we’ll get to work on your auto glass right away! We can provide this treatment to your vehicle at your home, at work or even when you are out on the town. Just let us know where your car is parked and our mobile unit will get to work.