Sunroof repair service Issaquah WAThe sunroof is a modern convenience, introduced within the last decade primary for the personal enjoyment of drivers and passengers alike. It allows air flow into your vehicle on hot summer days, preventing the noise of open windows and the costs of using your air conditioning. However, both electronic and manual sunroofs are prone to damage from extreme weather conditions, vandalism, or simply mechanical failure. Fortunately, you can obtain professional assistance with any form of damage from Clear Choice Auto Glass – the leading sunroof repair experts in Issaquah, WA.

Just like your windows, the sunroof is an essential element of your vehicle’s comfort and security features, protecting it – and you – from rain, snow, as well as theft during the frequent occasions when your car is left unsupervised. To ensure that your sunroof remains in top shape for the entire lifespan of your vehicle, it is important to have it inspected as part of your regular maintenance and seek prompt repair if any unexpected damage or failure occurs. That is why we are here!

The sunroof is different on every make and model of vehicle, and yet our team is fully equipped and highly experienced in the intricate work involved in the service and repair of virtually every type of sunroof, regardless of the extent of the problem. From regular maintenance to intricate repair of the wiring and other components, we guarantee unsurpassed customer service backed by a lifetime warranty on all complete projects.

We are proud to offer a full scope of servicing options. We come to your location for mobile repair – wherever that may be. This level of convenience and commitment to customer satisfaction is what makes us stand above the other options out there.

To learn more about our sunroof service and repair in Issaquah and surrounding areas

Do not hesitate to contact Clear Choice Auto Glass today. Simply dial (425) 395-5762 and let us know how we can help you with maintaining your sunroof.

Note:  We only work on factory sunroofs, if it came with the vehicle out of the factory.