As the home of Washington’s only velodrome and an annual bike race that shuts down the streets, Redmond is known as the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest.” That is not to say that all 60,000 local residents prefer bicycles as their primary mode of transportation, which means that there are numerous drivers at risk of situations that lead to auto glass damage.

If you are seeking mobile auto glass repair in Redmond, WA, Clear Choice Auto Glass is only about 15 miles and less than 25 minutes away.

Whether it be an instance of vandalism, a parking lot hit-and-run or a rare but severe storm, we understand that few things can disrupt your day like finding your windshield or side view mirror in disrepair. Oftentimes, you experience added stress from wondering how you can reach the nearest repair shop safely.

This is where our services come in! When you are experiencing auto glass damage of any form, our team is here to get your day back on track with our safe and highly efficient mobile glass repair service. We are proud to assist with anything local drivers may need.

Our Auto Glass Repair Services include:

Our sophisticated tools and advanced knowledge enable us to perform glass repairs on all manner of vehicles, regardless of the year, make or model. We also offer affordable rates and flexible scheduling for customer convenience.

To experience the difference of our mobile auto glass repair in Redmond, WA, please do not hesitate to contact Clear Choice Auto Glass today. You can reach us by calling (425) 395-5762 or sending us an email, and our repair experts will gladly come to your aid.