1. The Worst Auto Glass Repair Advice You Can Get

    Here at Clear Choice Autoglass, your trusted source for auto glass replacement in Issaquah, we’ve had people come in with the most bizarre windshield repair situations. Most of the time, we see these things because people have believed advice from strangers, but you should always be cautious of this type of advice! Today we're going to look at some of the worst advice you can receive for repair…Read More

  2. Save Time and Money with Clear Choice Auto Glass

    Clear Choice Auto Glass is Issaquah’s choice for auto glass repair and replacement. We can repair small cracks and all types of chips. We want to save you money and time and get you back on the road. Save Time Clear Choice Auto glass offers mobile service so you don’t have to stop your life and sit and wait while you get your windshield repaired or replaced. We can come to your home or to your…Read More

  3. Auto Glass De-Icing Myths – Save Your Windshields!

    We have seen our fair share of impatient drivers come in needing auto glass replacement after they've tried to creatively remove ice from their windshields. Today here at Clear Choice Autoglass, your vehicle is our top priority, and we're going to compile a list of the top five vehicle de-icing myths and debunk them. Pouring hot water on your vehicle's windshield and windows will melt the ice, le…Read More

  4. Water Leaking Into Your Car?

    Clear Choice Auto Repair of Issaquah repairs, replaces all car windows, and more. Part of this ‘more’ is finding leaks in your car. Water leaking into you car can cause damage to the interior of your car as well as making your car a smelly place to be.   Do you have a leak in your car? If you drive through a carwash or a rain storm and see water trickling down the interior of your car, yo…Read More

  5. Common Questions About Chips

    Clear Choice Autoglass is Issaquah’s Top Rated Local® auto glass repair and replacement company. We’ve been  serving the Issaquah area since 2012 and combined, we have over 16 years of experience. In that time, we’ve developed reputation for fast, efficient, and courteous service. We’ve all been there, you are driving down the highway and a rock flies up and hits your windshield. After y…Read More

  6. Tips for Teaching Young Drivers 2/3

    In our last blog, we started talking about teaching young drivers even before they get behind the wheel for the first time. We’ve come up with some other ideas of things parents should teach their young drivers. How to change a tire. If your child gets caught out with a flat tire, they need to know how to do themselves. Some cars have quite unique spare tire systems and your child needs to know …Read More

  7. Introduction Blog

    Welcome to Clear Choice Auto Glass we are a full-service auto glass repair and replacement company. We are a mobile repair company so we will come to your home, office or wherever you need us. We can repair a chip in as little as 25-45 minutes. We’ll come to you and either repair or replace your windshield, side windows or back window. We service all makes and model but specialize in European ca…Read More

  8. Our Mobile Auto Glass Repair Service Saves You Time and Money

    We know that you have a lot to take care of during the day. Between your home, your job, your family and trying to have a social life your schedule is maxed out. So wherever you can find a way to save time is always great--and saving money on top of that is even better. That's why we started offering mobile auto glass repair services. We knew we could help people save both time and money, both thi…Read More