1. When Do you Repair a Chip or Just Let It Be?

    It happens to us all, you are driving down the highway when a loud crack startles you to extreme alertness. A rock has hit the windshield and replaced that cup of coffee you were going to have! Sometimes you can see right away that the damage has been done. A big chip or a crack is visible and you think your plans for your day off will have to change. A Morning Wasted? You imagine yourself sitting…Read More

  2. How to Avoid Windshield Chips

    Clear Choice Auto Glass Repair in Issaquah is a mobile auto glass repair service. We repair chips and replace cracked windshields. We know you don’t always have time to come to a repair shop and spend part of your day sitting and waiting. With us, you don’t have to! We’ll come to you! We can do the repair or replacement while you work or while you spend quality time with your family. The bes…Read More

  3. Mobile Auto Glass Repair

    Clear Choice Auto Glass Repair in Issaquah is your local expert on auto car repair and replacement. We understand it can be stressful to have to deal with a car repair. When you have a chip, crack, or a big spiderweb of cracks on your car you might be asking how long you can go until you absolutely, positively *have* to get it replaced. Car repairs can be costly and most people don’t have piles …Read More

  4. Water Leaking Into Your Car?

    Clear Choice Auto Repair of Issaquah repairs, replaces all car windows, and more. Part of this ‘more’ is finding leaks in your car. Water leaking into you car can cause damage to the interior of your car as well as making your car a smelly place to be.   Do you have a leak in your car? If you drive through a carwash or a rain storm and see water trickling down the interior of your car, yo…Read More

  5. Common Questions About Chips

    Clear Choice Autoglass is Issaquah’s Top Rated Local® auto glass repair and replacement company. We’ve been  serving the Issaquah area since 2012 and combined, we have over 16 years of experience. In that time, we’ve developed reputation for fast, efficient, and courteous service. We’ve all been there, you are driving down the highway and a rock flies up and hits your windshield. After y…Read More

  6. Tips for Teaching Young Drivers 3/3

    Clear Choice Auto Glass is dedicated to your safety and that of your young drivers. We move our work. We come to you, with our mobile auto glass repair serve and fix or replace your car windows. We know that clear vision is really important to safe driving. We’ve been discussing teaching young drivers some basics and one important basic is how to get out of a skid. How to control a skid. No matt…Read More

  7. Tips for Teaching Young Drivers 2/3

    In our last blog, we started talking about teaching young drivers even before they get behind the wheel for the first time. We’ve come up with some other ideas of things parents should teach their young drivers. How to change a tire. If your child gets caught out with a flat tire, they need to know how to do themselves. Some cars have quite unique spare tire systems and your child needs to know …Read More

  8. Tips for Teaching Young Drivers 1/3

    Clear Choice Auto is Issaquah’s Top Rated Local® Auto Glass repair and replacement company. When we have teen drivers there are many things we want to teach them about safety on the road.We know that the windshield of your car offers between 20 and 30% of your car’s structural strength. Auto glass safety is not taught in driver’s ed. classes but kids need to know when a chip or crack needs …Read More

  9. Windshield Wiper Facts

    Along with being a mobile auto glass repair company, we care for your car by providing wiper sales and installation. Give us a call and see how we can help you.The poor windshield wiper gets no respect. We take it for granted and really only think about it when something goes wrong. It is just is simple mechanism with a few simple pieces but if isn’t working correctly you can’t drive. We’ve …Read More

  10. Do I Need To Fix That Chip?

    Clear Choice Auto Glass is your mobile auto glass repair company. Call us and we’ll come to you to fix any chip or crack, or replace the windshield if need be. We’ve all been there, you are driving along and a rock gets kicked up by the truck in front of us and hits the windshield leaving a chip. You drive on and wonder what harm could come from leaving the chip alone. Well, it would take just…Read More