1. FAQs About Car Window Repair

    FAQs about Car Window Repair Clear Choice Auto Glass in Issaquah is your local full-service mobile auto glass repair and replacement company. We know that despite following good traffic rules of following distances and going slow on gravel roads, chips and cracks do occur. When it happens to you, you may have some questions. This week’s blog will cover some of the more common questions people ha…Read More

  2. How to Avoid Getting Chips in your Windshield

    Clear Choice Auto Glass is your local auto glass repair and replacement company. We’ve all been there, you are driving along bopping along with your favorite song and something flies toward your windshield, there is the moment of impact. You grimace, flinch, grip the wheel tightly and maybe close your eyes, even though  you know this is not the time to be closing them. When we open our eyes and…Read More

  3. Auto Glass: Repair or Replace

    Clear Choice Auto Repair is your locally owned mobile auto repair company. If you need to have your windshield replaced as soon as possible and in the most convenient way, we are the ones to call. Replacement If you have a crack or other damage that is bigger than a credit card, the rule of thumb says that you should have it replaced. If the crack is in you line of vision, you should have it repla…Read More

  4. Have your Windshield Ready for Winter

    Clear Choice Auto Glass in Issaquah wants you to be safe. November is upon us and with it our historically wetter months. The average precipitation on November is 8.47 inches of rain and 1.3 inches of snow. Only August this year has had more rain than average, 3.28 inches in a month that averages .88 inches. This drought is historic so, let’s all hope it rains and get our cars ready for when it …Read More

  5. How Often Do You Change Your Windshield Wiper Blades?

    As your trusted source for replacement wiper blades in Issaquah, we know how much of a beating they can take from Mother Nature. The snow, ice, rain and sun can cause the rubber compound on the blade to split and crack over time, creating reduced visibility when you use your wipers in inclement weather. You've likely heard mechanics and other people tell you that you need to change out your old b…Read More

  6. The Worst Auto Glass Repair Advice You Can Get

    Here at Clear Choice Autoglass, your trusted source for auto glass replacement in Issaquah, we’ve had people come in with the most bizarre windshield repair situations. Most of the time, we see these things because people have believed advice from strangers, but you should always be cautious of this type of advice! Today we're going to look at some of the worst advice you can receive for repair…Read More

  7. We Also Sell and Install Wiper Blades

    Clear Choice Auto Glass Repair and Replacement  is Issaquah’s place to call when you have a chipped or cracked windshield. We are a Top rated Local®, full-service auto glass repair company. We can repair any small chip and if you need the whole car window repaired, we can do that too. We make it easy! We will come to you. There is no need to block out an entire morning or afternoon in your alr…Read More

  8. Save Time and Money with Clear Choice Auto Glass

    Clear Choice Auto Glass is Issaquah’s choice for auto glass repair and replacement. We can repair small cracks and all types of chips. We want to save you money and time and get you back on the road. Save Time Clear Choice Auto glass offers mobile service so you don’t have to stop your life and sit and wait while you get your windshield repaired or replaced. We can come to your home or to your…Read More

  9. Auto Glass De-Icing Myths – Save Your Windshields!

    We have seen our fair share of impatient drivers come in needing auto glass replacement after they've tried to creatively remove ice from their windshields. Today here at Clear Choice Autoglass, your vehicle is our top priority, and we're going to compile a list of the top five vehicle de-icing myths and debunk them. Pouring hot water on your vehicle's windshield and windows will melt the ice, le…Read More

  10. Clear Choice Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

    If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, chances are you’ve got a car windshield that has a chip, a crack or is just plain shattered and you need a replacement. We are happy to tell you that you’ve stumbled upon the right place! Clear Choice Autoglass is the place to turn to in Issaquah when you have auto window repair needs. The best part of all our services is that we come to you! Our mobile ser…Read More